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Pacelli High School is a comprehensive Lasallian Catholic High School, enrolling 180 students in grades 9-12. Established in 1955 under the Christian Brothers. Pacelli Catholic High School follows the tradition of excellent secondary schools in Stevens Point, notably St. Joseph Academy/Maria High School, merging in 1970.

Skyward is a software company specializing in K–12 school management and municipality management technologies, including Student Management, Human Resources, and Financial Management. Skyward is partnered with more than 1,900 school districts and municipalities worldwide.

The Central Wisconsin Information Technology Alliance, CWITA, is a group of action-focused employers in central Wisconsin working together to enhance the image of IT careers and position the region as a hub for IT opportunities. CWITA collaborates with the K-16 education system to strengthen IT career pathways and assist in growing our regional IT workforce.

In 2021, Guangwai-Pacelli High School (GPHS) became a part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's International Internship Program (IIP). IIP is a program that cultivates internships for qualified UW-Madison students around the world. This semester, GPHS hired three UW-Madison advising interns. Each GPHS student will have one advisor who will meet with them weekly. The intern will tailor the advising session to the student's needs, including going over topics such as college applications, life abroad, essay writing, and standardized tests. While everything will be virtual for the spring semester of 2021, we are looking forward to inviting an intern to China next year.

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (UW-Green Bay) has formed a partnership with Guangwai-Pacelli High School (GPHS) in November 2020 to provide college credit opportunities for the students at GPHS. UW-Green Bay Dual Enrollment Access Academy provides opportunities for high school students to earn high school and college credit (dual credit) for courses that are taken at the college level. Online courses are taught by University instructors in a format that allows students to work on the course on their own schedule. In addition, UW-Green Bay awards GPHS graduates a “Preferred Partner” tuition remission of $5,000 per year.

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville (UW-Platteville) is a comprehensive, four-year public institution of higher education. Total enrollment is approximately 9,000. Our students are from across Wisconsin, the United States, and beyond—including degree-seeking international students representing over 24 countries and visiting/exchange students from 12 countries. UW-Platteville awards Guangwai-Pacelli High School graduates a guaranteed tuition remission of $5,500 for the first year of undergraduate studies.

Watertown Unified School District (WUSD) serves 3700 students in a community of approximately 24,000 located between Madison and Milwaukee in Wisconsin, USA. Developments within the WUSD over the past 10 years include innovative and responsive programming that serves a broad array of students and families. This includes dual-language programming, STEM education, and virtual learning in addition to a very comprehensive curriculum across all grade levels.


St. Norbert College is a private liberal arts college in De Pere, Wisconsin. Founded in 1898, St. Norbert College is among the top 10 Catholic liberal arts colleges in the nation. As of June 2022, the school's enrollment is 1,939 students. US University Pathways students will be awarded a St. Norbert College grant of $20,000 per year upon admission. 


The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development regulates the approval and delivery of the Nova Scotia program internationally which is guided by the Public School Program– a framework that outlines the principles and policies, and describes the programs and courses, for Primary-12 education in Nova Scotia.

Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) is established in 1873 and located just minutes from downtown Halifax, and is recognized for its small class sizes and personalized approach to learning. A diverse mix of 4,000 people from across Canada and more close to 70 countries take advantage of our programs and unique sense of community through on-campus classes and distance learning opportunities.

St. Francis Xavier University is a public undergraduate liberal arts university of about 5,000 students and located in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is a member of the Maple League, a group of primarily undergraduate universities in Eastern Canada. St. Francis Xavier University (StFX) is one of Canada’s oldest and most prestigious universities. StFX students thrive in an intimate learning environment that nurtures the development of the whole person. Here, the focus is on the academic and personal development of every student.

Cape Breton University (CBU) is home to nearly 5,500 students from more than 40 countries around the world. CBU offers a comprehensive set of liberal arts, science, business, health and professional programs on the first energy self-sufficient campus in North America.

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