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Founder Story

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Born in China, Dr. Liang found his educational journey in the Badger State and would go on to champion the cause of Wisconsin education. From UW-Platteville to Edgewood College and Madison College, each institution left an incredible mark on him, shaping his vision for US University Pathways.

Recognizing the transformative power of his Wisconsin education experience, Dr. Liang set out to share this gift with the world. Dr. Liang has experienced the challenges of language and cultural adaptation, he wanted to develop a company to equip future international students with the tools necessary to thrive in a university setting. In 2016, he founded US University Pathways to prepare future international students at the high school level with the Wisconsin curriculum, Wisconsin teachers, and Wisconsin culture. With a goal that international students who graduated from Wisconsin high schools in their home countries will more be motivated to continue their post-secondary education at Wisconsin universities.

As the years passed, Dr. Liang saw a challenge that many Wisconsin universities were facing. By 2023, the state will face the lowest number of high school graduates in the 21st century, risking the underutilization of the robust educational infrastructure painstakingly built by the Wisconsin government. Undeterred, Dr. Liang saw an opportunity – a chance for talented international students who could not only fill the enrollment gap but also enrich the campuses with diversity and contribute to the financial stability of these institutions.

At US University Pathways, the philosophy is rooted in the belief that education is not a privilege for the few but a right for all. Dr. Liang passionately advocates for the inclusion of international students, recognizing their potential to address the workforce shortage that Wisconsin companies are facing.

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