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US University Pathways Announces Partnership with UW-La Crosse to Benefit Forward International Academy Students

Updated: Apr 24

US University Pathways is excited to share a new partnership with the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (UW-La Crosse), aiming to streamline the admissions process and offer valuable scholarship opportunities. This collaboration focuses on supporting students from Forward International Academy (FIA) in their educational journey to UW-La Crosse.


Through this partnership, UW-La Crosse is offering renewable scholarships ranging from USD $2,000 to $5,000 per year to FIA applicants. These scholarships are designed to recognize international students' achievements and help them improve the financial burden of pursuing higher education in the US. In addition to the scholarship opportunities, FIA students will also benefit from receiving a conditional admission letter to UW-La Crosse and a third-party credential evaluation waiver. These benefits aim to simplify the admissions process as they transition to UW-La Crosse.


This partnership between US University Pathways and UW-La Crosse highlights a shared commitment to expanding access to quality Wisconsin education and attracting international students to Wisconsin. For more information on Forward International Academy, please visit our website or contact the FIA principal, Dave Viatle, at

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