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We Bring Wisconsin Education to You

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Four beautiful changing seasons, abundant wildlife and agriculture, thriving capital city, and more. See what Wisconsin has to offer

what we do

At US University Pathways, we believe that education is the key to unlocking a successful future. We are dedicated to exporting the best of Wisconsin's education to the world, and bringing talented international students to Wisconsin to study and work. Our team of experienced educational consultants are committed to providing personalized guidance and support to help you achieve your academic and career goals.

college advising services

We offer advising services to help you navigate the US College Application process, from narrowing down your top choices to receiving your acceptance letters


Wisconsin degrees

Complete your high school, bachelor's, or master's degree completely online or by studying abroad in Wisconsin for all or part of your education, and receive a US diploma

summer camps in wisconsin & canada

Improve your English speaking skills, learn about American or Canadian culture, or gain a leadership certificate at one of our top-notch summer camp programs

employment at Wisconsin companies

We work with local businesses in Wisconsin to provide work visas and hire our students after they complete their degrees


why wisconsin?

Wisconsin's unique blend of academia, industry, and outdoor activities makes it an ideal destination for students from all backgrounds. Whether you're looking for a top-ranked university or a community college with flexible scheduling, Wisconsin has it all. We at US University Pathways believe that every student deserves a chance to reach their academic goals, and we look forward to helping you discover all that Wisconsin has to offer.


founder story

CEO and Founder of US University Pathways, Bing Liang began his education as an international student in Wisconsin

wisconsin named tech hub by biden administration

Up to $75 Million in funding opens up for the state of Wisconsin


wisconsin education ranked

Wisconsin Education is ranked Number 8 out of 50 states

generous scholarships offered by our wisconsin universities

Attend one of our partner universities in Wisconsin through US University Pathways and receive a guaranteed yearly scholarship

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wisconsin needs workers like you

Join US University Pathways to be a part of the workforce solution to tackle workforce shortages in Wisconsin


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