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Expanding Access to Wisconsin Education Worldwide

what we do

We bring Wisconsin education to you through online degrees, summer camps and college advising services.

online degrees

We provide online diploma and degree options for high school, bachelor's degree, and master's degrees

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summer camps

In-person exploratory program in Wisconsin, USA and Nova Scotia, Canada. Workshops from leadership to business, to ESL taught by instructors and industry experts

Business Program

St. Norbert College, USA

Leadership Program

Southwest Tech, USA

EducationUSA Academy Program

UW-Madison, USA

ESL Program

Cape Breton University, Canada


We collaborate with high schools and higher education institutions in Wisconsin to deliver high-quality education to students globally

K-12 Education

Pacelli High School

Watertown Unified School District

Higher Education

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College advising

Comprehensive support and guidance throughout the application process leading to admission for colleges and universities in Wisconsin and beyond

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